Frank Iritani Scholarship Applications Due April 8th

Do you need money for school?

Are you graduating from high school this year?

Are you attending college or trade school?

Are you planning to return to college or trade school?


If any of these apply to you, apply for a $1000 Centennial Frank Iritani Human Relations scholarship. Get more information by attending a zoom call.


This is a new and improved version of the Iritani Scholarship program. The grant amount has been increased from $500 to $1000.  There is more money available for more students.  Students can now receive grants for multiple years, not just their freshman year.  Students can use the funds to return to college.  Multiple grants will be awarded.


And most importantly, the application has been greatly simplified and no longer requires a high school transcript or references. Fill out the application form, write a couple of quick essays/statements, submit it via email and you are done!


Download the application from the here.  Application deadline is April 8, 2022.


Informational zoom meetings will be held. Contact Ken iritani for the zoom link.

Tuesday February 15, 2022 @ 7PM

Thursday February 17, 2022 @ 7PM


You may also contact Ken Iritani to get your questions answered.



The Frank Iritani Human Relations Scholarship was established in memory of Frank M. Iritani who was a member of Centennial United Methodist Church (UMC). A social service worker and community volunteer and activist, Frank cared deeply about social justice, promoting peace and improved human relations, and alleviating human suffering. The Scholarship is given annually to students affiliated with Centennial United Methodist Church in recognition of the studentsoutstanding service and commitment to their community and society.


Past awardees include:

Kelly Lem (2020)

Melefifita Finau (2020)

Dwayne Simmons (2020)

Freddy Batiratu (2019)

Kaylee Kazee (2019)

Viliami Hopoi (2019)

Stephen Crocker (2018)

Zachary Kazee (2016)

Jane Ferguson (2016)

Beverly Green (2014)

Eneasi Taumoefolau (2014)

Emily Lau (2013)

Sarah Crocker (2012)